Investing in Singapore


Singapore managing partner Alban Kang explains why Singapore has become hub for foreign investment and intellectual property, and offers a few tips for business wishing to expand in the country.

Key points in this video:

  • Singapore's strategic location for business
  • Ease to set up
  • Protecting your IP rights
  • Our experience in Singapore

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Investing in Singapore
Alban Kang, Singapore
Singapore serves a strategic location.  It’s in the middle of ten countries in Southeast Asia. It’s one of the strongest economies in that region. It’s also a regional financial centre, so obviously there’s a lot of attraction to having an office in Singapore, and we’re able to serve a lot of clients who would be interested in doing business in the region.

Singapore is one of the easiest places to do business. You know, there’s very little regulatory restrictions. It’s also very quick, very fast to the server business, and to get the ideal clearance. And there’s a lot of incentives, tax incentives are being offered for you to set up your business in Singapore.

One of the first things you do should do is ensure that your IP rights are protected in Singapore and you should ensure that your idea of patents or your trademarks are registered. Having said that, I think Singapore has one of the strongest IP protection laws in the region. Our courts are very robust in when it comes to enforcing intellectual property rights.

Singapore’s positioning itself to be an IP hub, a place where you could come and, you know, develop your IP, exploit your IP, commercialise your IP, so they are encouraging a lot of IP professionals and companies with IP to set up business in Singapore.

Most of our clients are multi-national companies. A lot of them are in the technology industry or technologically focused. We represent telecoms companies.  We have also represented a lot of IT companies, not only European companies, but a lot of American and Japanese. It’s because of our sector focus approach. We are very much – we know the sector very well, we are very familiar with the industry, so it’s not just providing legal advice , but commercial advice, really hands-on practical advice about the kind of industry you are in, the kind of pitfalls you may face and how to overcome them.


This document is a transcript of an edited video recorded in October 2013.