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In this video, CEO David Kerr talks about how we help our clients find the right solutions and face the challenges of a changing world.

Key topics in this video:

  • Bird & Bird in one word
  • Who we are
  • Our mission
  • Creative solutions and a real commercial understanding
  • Our approach to client service
  • Lawyers for a smart world

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    David Kerr

    Partner and CEO

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    About Bird & Bird
    David Kerr

    If I can describe Bird & Bird in one word:



    That’s a tough one for a lawyer.




    Technology focused.

    Technology focused.

    Thought leadership.

    Service oriented. I think that’s us.

    It’s dynamic.

    If I can describe Bird & Bird in one word it would be passionate.

    Bird & Bird is a top international firm that aims to be the market leader in looking after clients in the technology industries, or whose businesses are being transformed through the use of technology or the knowledge economy more generally.

    Partners passionately believe in the core vision of the firm. Most of us have come from backgrounds where we’re heavily engaged in the client industries, and we really want to go deeper in to that. We want to be the client’s most trusted guide in a changing environment. What that change may be will obviously vary client by client, but we want to be there to help.

    So what we try to do is get in to the position where our understanding of the client’s needs in particular industries is so big that we can come up with creative solutions, creative options, a real commercial understanding, be it on large transactions, mid-scale transactions or dispute work, and really help the client find the right solution that fits what they need.

    I think there are probably three elements to the client service experience. There’s firstly the management of the client relationship, which is very important, it has to be the right people, it’s a very personal thing, it relies upon a trust relationship. I think the second part of it it’s using the technology in the right way to deliver an efficiently managed service and well reported service to the client. And I think the third limb is this element of sharing knowledge in an efficient way, the management of knowledge is becoming the crucial part of the overall client service.

    I think the facts speak for themselves. 67% of our key clients have been working with us for over 10 years. One of the very important things that we try to offer is a consistent level of client service across the world, so whatever country that may be in we really are a trusted guide, even in those difficult environments.

    I think the law is under-going a huge revolution in what clients expect.

    For us the future is about smart thinking, not just logging up the hours and ticking the box in terms of the number of hours that you do in your daily work. We like smart thinking done efficiently, delivering a great product to the client. And that’s a different mentality, it’s a different culture


    This document is a transcript of an edited video recorded in October 2013.